An internationally renowned Energy Saving Unit which delivers
high performance for both commercial businesses and industries.

As a retrofit advanced technology transformer designed and proven to save on electricity costs, Z-Cep can be applied to an entire or any part of a facility and usually offers a return on investment between 2 to 4 years, while assisting in reducing carbon emissions at the same time. It is also possible to reduce electricity costs up to 20% depending on site conditions and the types of loads connected.

Z-Cep is more than capable than achieving powerful and consistent results, minus the electronics or any ongoing costs. Among the features and benefit offered include a 3-years comprehensive warranty, and an operational life in excess of 30 years. And with no maintenance; it is a simple 'set and forget' solution.

The utilization of Z-Cep as an effective energy-saving device spans across all types of electricity uses, from lighting, air-conditioning, refrigeration, computers to general plant and even machinery.


Z-Cep primarily revolves around the Circutor metering equipment, which consists of energy measurement and management products and systems, plus a wide range of information reporting made available for the client.

Through the energy management systems, any information collected is vital in helping to identify power quality issues that could affect your site operations, equipment and machinery. By referring to a complete analysis of power supply quality, the system can guide the implementation of certain suitable measures and products which will not only improve on overall site efficiency but also cut down on electricity costs as well.

We offer professional, user-friendly software, which enables customers to;

  • Document all electrical specifications on their system.
  • Discover their total power usage.
  • Record any external voltage fluctuations such as spikes or Black-out from the network provider which in turn can affect site operations.
  • Determine seasonal usage/costing by utilizing trend graphs
  • Receive ongoing savings measurements based on energy efficiency measures and products.

Due to the ever increasing energy reporting requirements on Malaysia organizations, metering equipment is now playing a much more important role by providing accurate, detailed and readily available information to end-users.

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